Skilfil Heartpiercer, King of Dykene

A handsome man in his forties, greying slightly at the temples and through his beard. His arms and legs are heavily tattooed with scenes of hunting and battle; adding to his masterful bearing, as suits the King of Dykene.


SIZ 13 CHA 25


Descended from the Hero-King Balazar the Founder, Skilfil Heartpiercer is the slayer of Marene and his Moon-Friend. Noted for the exploits of his youth where he earned the friendship of Mostalings, travelled to the West to return the Bandaja Hawks to his homeland, and won many famous weapons by right of arms. He was a great and mighty warrior in his youth.

His wife died 10 years ago, in childbirth to his only legitimate heir, Karazar. He has three concubines to sate his appetites, Calamine, an older woman who has all but raised his son, Chana Greeneyes and Praxina a young beautiful young initiate of Meranen, come here from the Rinliddi to see his Hawks. He has many illegitimate children, the most famed and cherished among them Starnia Stormrender, and Eucleia Stormfollower.

A skilled politician and charming host, Skilfil has many allies across the land, from the Mostalings of the Rockwoods, to the Griffins of the Elder Wilds and the Meranan of the Rinliddi. He is working to limit the influence of the Lunar empire in Balazar, as he has seen first hand what their influence has wrought in the Rinliddi.

Skilfil Heartpiercer, King of Dykene

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