Alone and in the Vale of Flowers

Leaving Herongreen in the company of Joh Mith and his caravan, the heroes travel along the Alone road. At alone Solanthos makes some deals while the others marvel at the traps set for wayward giants from the Vale.

After Alone, they travel to Ironspike, finding broospore on the way, but no sign of the Broo who created it. Alerting the locals saw a warparty ride out to take care of the problem.

After two relatively easy days march, the pace is picked up substantially, as Joh hopes to clear the Vale of Flowers in one hard days march. Up and away well before dawn, Zlatos makes a small delay in his journey, splitting from the group to say his prayers at dawn.

Travelling through the vale is an interesting experience, and though the flora is familiar, it is alarmingly giant sized in proportion, as are the bees spotted in the distance. Well into the days travels, Joh draws them to a halt, and from the flowers emerge a group of Enlo, driven forth by Uzdo. Joh and the Uz, Surscissur make signs of peace and proceed with a pre-arranged trade.

In exchange for several jars of Giant Bee honey and some Royal Jelly, Joh exchanges a large wooden chest. Vajaan helps to unload it, and as it is opened to check it’s contents, he is aware of a dimming of the world around it. Clearly it is something magical, and valuable to the Uz.

Vajaan enquires about the nature of the honey and jelly, and soon decides it would be a good supplementary food for Zlatos’ health regime. An enquiry about the price of the jelly soon puts halt to that idea. Camping for the night takes place on the far edge of the vale, most are quite weary from their journey. The next morning, as the caravan scales the mountains into the tiny pass, they spot far in the distance a small hillock, from whence bees are emerging. Making note, they continue.

In the frozen passes over the Rockwoods, the caravan faces extremes of exhaustion. At the end of each day, several members of the caravan are plainly exhausted. Even the tiredless Eliddnor suffers some fatigue. It is fatigue that allows the watchful eyes of the caravan guards slip. Only Esvana’s alert eyes spot the Valindling beast that shambles their way. It quickly cripples one hapless mercenary, radiating a bone-chilling cold from it’s hoary hide, but swift action from all soon see it crippled, then shattered upon the snow. While Esvana tents the mercenaries wounds, Joh and several others look to the corpse of the beast to search for valuable parts before they melt.

Descenting at the end of the third long day across the pass, the group finally dips below the tree-line, and as they crest a small rise, see below them several welcoming fires in the valley below.

Alone and in the Vale of Flowers

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