Balazar Bound

500 Wheels of Death
A beginning of sorts

About the make a deal that would make him wealthy beyond imagining, the culmination of two years work, Solanthos Dawngold discovers his partner has betrayed him and taken the illicit goods from his warehouse and fled town. It is mere days before Count Ruuz expects his 500 Wheel loan repaid, only a swift solution or a hasty retreat can save Solanthos skin.

Demoted to base rank, all but drummed out of the Sundomers, he betrothal cancelled, Zlatos stops by Pavis to seek out his cousin’s advice on a journey he is taking to far Balazaar, a land when Yelmalio rules and the Kings and their guard ride giant hawks into battle.

Having mastered his craft under his adoptive mothers watchful eye, Vajaan finds his contract has been purchased by a former mercenary, who intends to take him to the land of his birth.

Fleeing the Lunar occupation of Sartar only got Esvana so far, soon, Pavis too lay under their yolk and she kept a low profile why pondering a solution. Temple provided a solution. Far across the mountains, in the distant North, lay a great chamber hidden beneath the earth. There a great treasure lay, in Asrelia’s bossom, and Esvana was chosen to find it.

Slaava Goosetavn stifled under his fathers iron discipline, the strict cultural taboos that denied him the pleasures of these foreign girls all-too-willing flesh and resented being dragged to a horrid backwater like The Paps to work metal for backwater thugs. All he wanted to do was travel new places, get rich, be lazy and have his way with foreign women.

Eliddnor lived as Barbeeter did. Slay defilers of the Earth, stand fast, serve the temple mothers in their duties. Dreams led her away from the Shaker Temple, the goddess had other tasks for her, and she would not shirk them. She dreamed of a great wolf under the Red Moon, blood on its jaws, the earth beneath its feet churned and bloody. This wolf needs slaying.

Being found out isn’t a great way to continue a career in Banditry. Damn Fergo and his buddies didn’t have to kill them. Looks suspicious when the guide survives and none of the damned adventurers. Who would knew the family of the guy was well connected? Braemar needed out of town fast.

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