Eliddnor Redhair

A devotee of Babeester Gor - live by the Axe, die for the Axe.


Eliddnor Redhair
Initiate of Babeesta Gor & lay Odaylan

STR 16 CON 18 SIZ 10 DEX 16 INT 15 POW 12 CHA 11
DAM +1 DSR 2 MSR 4 Mov 5 HP 14 MP 12

Notable Skills
Battle Axe 72/17
Throwing Axe 57/22
Sling 57
Buckler 17/72
Shield Standfast 57
Maneuver 55
Swimming 70
Barbeester Cult Lore 55
Butchery 60
Leatherwork 55
Tarshite Custom 60
Listen 73
Search 60
Tracking 58

Battle Magic 60%
Bladersharp 2
Healing 2
Mobility 2
Vigor 2
Peaceful Cut 1
Strength 2
Protection 2

Rune Magic
Axe Trance I
Slash I

Square Buckler
2 Throwing Axes
Cuirbouilli Armour


As a child her family fled the invasion of Tarsh, fearing for their red-haired child’s safety under lunar occupation. Retreating the the Shaker Temple they there raised Eliddnor under the fierce gaze of the protectresses of the Temple. There she grew to favour Barbeester as the inspiration of her heart; Born in strife and sworn to protect.

She was guided by dreams to travel eastwards, and there to find a strife she must fix. Coming across a village in turmoil after the slaying of two farmers by Telmori, she took this as her guide, and followed the tracks of the beasts eastwards, where it followed a caravan.

Eliddnor Redhair

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