Guiding his former master, the mighty Zlatos Skybright, to the wonderous Golden Eagles of Balazar.



STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 13 DEX 16 INT 15 POW 14 CHA 14
DAM +0 DSR 2 MSR 4 Mov 6 HP 14 MP 14

Notable Skills
RH Dagger 73/25%
LH Dagger 25/70%
Thrown Knife 55%
Cleaver 40%
Dodge 50%
Bargaining 45%
Alchemy 70%
Plant Lore 70%
Spirit Lore 55%
Butchery 70%
Cooking 92%
Brew Healing Potion 55%
Brew Endurance Potion 55%
Pelorian Custom 60%
Ceremony 56%
Spirit Combat 56%
Spirit Sense 56%

Battle Magic 70%
Disruption (1), Heal 2, Ignite (1), Peaceful Cut (1), Protection 2, Spirit Sight (3)

Rune Magic

Slaughtermans Apron
Tunic, pants, sandles, cloak, hat, knife
2 Big Carving Knives
Boning Knife
5 good sized stones
Bronze Helm
Cuirbouille Vambraces & Greaves
Light Scale Hauberk
Medium Roundshield


A slave & master cook, born in Balazar and raised by fellow Balazarings in a Pelorian household in Pavis.

Vajaan’s parents are Balazaring slaves who took him as their own when he was sold with them. They taught him of his homeland and culture, and hoped one day he might be able to return to his homeland and see it for himself.

Fighting Styles -

Kitchenware (Cleaver, Dagger, Offhand Dagger, Thrown Dagger) – Evasive
Lineman (Spear, Shield, Javelin) – Formation Fighting


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