Dragonhearts Armour

Armour made of Dragonskin


This armour is made from natural dragon-hide, lightly reinforced in some areas with splints of dragon-bone. The light, flexible and surprisingly tough scales are still firmly attached, even after all these centuries. It is extremely resistant to blows and cuts from the scale side and yet this light scale armour is as supple as any leather armour you would care to buy.

Dragon-skin armour
AP 5 Light Scale Armour


Made as a gift for Lance “Dragonheart” Dawnsbright by his men, in their gratitude for saving them from the Dream Dragon Yaska Narj, this armour did not receive much use, as he was killed, it appears, scant weeks after it was made, during the Dragonkill.

Dragonhearts Armour

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