First sight of Balazar

The early snows of Earth Season are gently falling as the caravan weaves it’s way towards the welcome sight of the campfires below, but the alert ears of the guards hear voices raised and the clash of arms over the sounds of the forest. Springing to action, Zlatos makes a quick dash over the next rise reveals a fight occurring around the cook-fires of the hunters camped out to meet the caravan. Broo are attacing the hunters!

Without thought to their own safety Zlatos, Vajaan, Esvana and Slava set too laying about the broo and aiding the hunters in their desperate defence. Several of the hunters fall, alas, some did not rise. A quick rain of blows sees the adventurers gain the upper hand, and the arrival of Strong Stenn, a physically powerful leader among the hunters and speeds the dispatch of the broo and prevent any escaping into the wild. After burning the corpses of the broo, and seeing the dead hunters properly cremated, a new camp is set up and the caravan rests, warily, for the night.

The arrival next morning at the winter hearth of the Blue Gecko clan reveals the adventurers surprise at the highly organised and communal winter living arrangements of the clan. Bigger still, is the surprise that nearly a quarter of the tribe consists of dogs, and the men, women and children of the tribe are freely conversing with them in Dogspeech.

Esvana talks to the elders and the grandmother about their healing magic, and she is pleased to see they are skilled and organised. She asks about their gods, about their knowledge of the Earth cults of the region, but it seems their gods are few in number, and no-one worships Earth deities.

Vajaan sits with some young children, and sets out to learn the rudiments of Dogspeech from them. The local pups and children laugh at his stupidity and lack of skill, though he seems to quickl pick up the basics.

Zlatos talks to the hunters about their hunting habits and is disappointed to find they rarely hawk at all, rather, using dogs in their hunting. The giant hawks of Balazar, too, are a rarity, only the citadal guard of Skilfil Heartpiercer, the King of Dykene ride the giant birds. No-one else knows the trick of bonding with them.

Both Solanthos and Joh Mith make trade among the clansmen, selling metal spearheads and pots in exchange for furs, ivory, craft goods, medicines and herbs.

Slava; he is happy talking to the local women.

First sight of Balazar

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