On to Griffin Mountain

One night at the Inn, during the early weeks of Storm season, Braemar shows his face in the Inn. While Solanthos is want to skewer him for treachery, he quickly manages to convince the group that he was seeking to join up to them since originally separated. He unpacked the iron ingots from his swag to show his word true, though one was missing, spent along the way, to purchase foodm goods and wares to make the Dark journey possible.

Esvana, lacking guidance, turns to the solace of the light-bringers shrine in Trilus. Eliddnor remains with her.

Zlatos, thinking hard on his goal to find an Eagle mount, thinks to ask the famed Griffins of the Wilds for their help in obtaining an egg. The others think this a splendid chance to get out of the stink of the city and they strike off northward to find the mountain.

On their journey they find a wondrous grove filled with marvellous statues. Alert ears picked up the noise of an ambusher, and a small beast appeared, with the head of a rooster, the body of a cat, and the tail of a serpent. While it’s ichorous peck neatly turned a shield to stone, the frail beast quickly succumbed to a fervent beating by the heroes. Careful ministrations of Vajaan managed to cut it’s ichor glands out, and several doses of a resinous poison were obtained. Perhaps enough to poison a half dozen arrows. Several small statues were carried off by keen eyed party members interested in gifts for the powerful.

At the mountain…

On to Griffin Mountain

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