Pairing Meet

Following the trail left by Braemar and the half dozen or so Sable he had rounded up, the travellers soon lost their way, but found other tracks instead that led to Pairing Stone.

There they were greeted with kind words from all manner of folk, Irik Skyslumbers, a Kolating, asked that they slept with him, to share his dreams, a Barbeester woman, Eliddnor asked them to be on guard for a werewolf seen here abouts that has taken two mens lives and followed a caravan bound here, she is fearful of taking the beast on herself, though she has been given powerful tools to complete the task of killing it herself. The caravanner Haldon Wains, hearing he has been pursued by the monster all the way from Sartar, is fearful for his life.

Late in the evening, the werewolf and his wolfbrother attack. The great beast hold at bay the best warriors of the Nomads at the oasis and even knocks Zlatos sprawling to the ground with a bellow of pain and fear; meanwhile, the werewolf tears the arm from the hapless merchant as he tries to shield himself. A single mightly blow from Eliddnor sends the werewolf to the ground, unconscious, and his companion grips his harness in its mighty jaws and bounds to safety on magicly enhanced legs. Badly shaken, the group questions the merchant why he was singled out for attack.

It seems that Haldon had dealings previously with two farmers, and purchsed from them some trinkets from some Telmori grave, including a magical knife. Haldon walks to the edge of the Oasis and throws the knife as far as he can into the darkness.

Several of the group, wounded, weary and exhausted as they are, take Irik up on his offer, and partake of the paste he has prepared to take them into the spirit realm. Here they see glimpses of the future.

As Haldon Wains organises his caravan to head out to Pavis, the travelling group make their own preparations to head west to Sartar. Eliddnor feels must return the magical cloak she tooks as payement for killing the werewolf she felt she could not justly slay. It seems this is where to goddess wanted her anyway, to be the serpent that strikes to protect the goddesses charge, this Ms Esvana that quests to Balazar.

Pairing Meet

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