The Dawnsbright Legacy

In Herongreen the party has found a Pelorian scholar (by name Kleptophylles) to translate the scroll young Brights Dawnsbright gave to Zlatos. The letter is from Sundome soldier Messale to his cousin Benhircule, telling of the exploits of his father, the General Lance “Dragonheart” Dawnsbright in slaying the Dragon Yaska Narj.

Though translation was easily done, in not three days by Kleptophylles, his knowledge of the EWF lands were not such that he could pinpoint the location of the battle. Henceforth, he recommended they seek together the expertise of the most knowledgeable scholar in the land for the job, the venerable Forang Forash who resides in Tink by the Dragons Eye.

Forang was loath to part with knowledge without a fair trade, and asked of the group for a collection of comforts from the past age, and sent them to seek such in the Vale of Bones. There, poor Kleptophylles stepped away from the protections of the amulet Forang had loaned to the adventures, and his soul was stripped by the terrible shades that dwelt thereabouts. For three days they searched until they had found enough to satisfy his wants, and he sent them with his emissary, over Dragonnewt roads, to the valley where Yaska Narj once lay.

In this vale did they find naught but the white marble tomb of Lance Dawnsbright, watched over by 7 mystics. On blessing the group with visions of portent from their pipe, they drew aside the veil of illusion and revealed the True Dragon, Yaska Narj, in slumber and were banished themselves in a snort from its snoring nose.

Crashing through the trees to the earth below in the next valley, the group see beside them the sarcophagus of Dragonheart landed near them. A quick look inside see’s his corpse sit up and a ghostly voice echo from inside. “Return me home that I might rest”. Battered and bruised as they are, the group return, cross country, to Herongreen, where they organise for “Dragonheart” to be transported home by a Pavis bound merchant.

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The Dawnsbright Legacy

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