The land of Balazar

The lands of the Kingdom of Balazar is a wilderness hardly tamed by man. Since the dawn of time the forests and grasslands of Balazar have been roamed by nomadic clans. The coming of a stranger, the warrior Balazar, changed many things. Balazar proved his worth as a hunter and was invited to stay with the Votanki then he proved he was kin to Votank and was chosen as King to his people.

The clans of the Balazarings are formed into loose tribal federations. Each tribe is ruled from one of three ancient fortresses, two built long ago by giant allies of Balazar himself, the heroic founder of the Kingdom; the third citadel built by his second son Elkoi Giant-tamer, who had mastered magics to bind giants to his will. Each citadel is named for one of his children, Trilus, Dykene and Elkoi, whom squabbled and divided the kingdom into three after their fathers death. The peoples of their tribes known collectively as the Triloi, Dykeneans and Elkoini, respectively.

Of all the sons of Votank, only 20 are now known for the clans they founded. The current ruling clans of the Tribes are:

Each Tribal Citadel claims a number of clans to its following. Yet still, two clans of Votanki chose not to have Balazar as their King. While still on friendly terms with many of the other clans, these clans make no claim to Balazaring status.

North of the lands claimed by Balazar and his descendants, are the Elder Wilds, an untamed region home to many dangers. It is rumoured that ancient clans of Votanki that rejected Balazar as King retreated to these lands, but no-one travels that much to the wilds to find out.

The land of Balazar

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