The Seekers and the Sought

Using a circuitous route to return to Solanthos’ wagon has paid an unexpected dividend. The group has returned only a day after Lord Ruuz and his bodyguard have come to the village and confiscated the wagon and it’s contents. Some well phrased threats of violence against the villagers nets the players an old mule and a cart in need of some repair.

Setting out after their lost goods, the group meet with two travellers on the Pavis road, a Morokanth by name of Darkfang, and his human friend, Littleclaw. Though both parties are wary of each other, they agree to travel with the group, and even strike up a deal over attacking the men who stole Solanthos’ wagon. Darkfang gets to keep half the mounts and all the surviving guards as slaves. Solanthos finds this a good deal.

Finally catching up to Ruuz and his guards after a few days pursuit, the party launch a evening attack. While the guards eat their evening meal, [:braemar | Braemar ]] sneaks in to steal their mounts, his bumbling quickly alerts the men, and he is forced to quickly flee into the chaparral. From behind a lightwall Zlatos, Vajaan, Esvana, Slava and Solanthos attack the guards, and Darkfang and Ranulf attack from the flank. It is quickly apparent they have other allies in the darkness, as a rain of bolts strike several guards, crippling them, and other shapes loom out of the darkness as a handful of guards rush the lightwall position. As his guards fall swiftly about him, Ruuz and his personal bodyguard leap aboard the wagon and flee back towards Pavis.

Another three Morokanth emerge from the darkness and together with Darkfang and Littleclaw they heal and truss up the surviving guards, only two of them are fatally wounded, both by blows from Zlatos spears. The group loot and strip the guards and their camp, gather up the few mounts that have not scattered and head out northwards from the Pavis road, following the path it appeared Braemar took.

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The Seekers and the Sought

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