Votank is the child of Foundchild and Hearthmother from when they lay together for warmth in the Darkness. He was a great hunter like his father, and subdued and seduced many wild nymphs of the land to father the children that became the Votanki. The greatest of these children he fathered on Rigtania, and they became the leaders.

Cult Skills
Votanki Tribe Lore

Battle Magic
No specific magics taught

Divine Magic1
Axus Nundi, Free Ghost, Gift Power, Gift Spell, Incarnate Ancestor, Spirit Guardian, Spirit Melding, Summon Ancestor.

1 The ancestor summons magic of Votank can only contact male ancestors, as the female ancestors travel to Hearthmothers secret place, and cannot be reached from the mortal realm.

Related Cults
Foundchild: Teaches his son, Sureshot, and shares battlemagic with him.
Hearthmother: Freely shares her Battlemagic with her son.
Brother Dog: Teaches his nephew Dogspeech

Votank’s Laws

It is wrong to eat in secret.
It is wrong to sleep with your mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandfather, or grandmother.
It is wrong to take from a cache without putting something else in.
It is wrong to eat people.
It is wrong to kill people.
It is wrong to plunder a winter hearth.
Change is bad.
Chaos is bad.


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