Hearthmother is a daughter of earth, a keeper of secrets, the teacher of ways to women of the tribes. She is the keeper of traditions and the teacher of women.

Her runes are Spirit & Fire

Cult Skills
Cooking, Sewing, Basketweaving, First Aid, Plant Lore, Physician, Votanki Tribe Lore

Battle Magic:
Ignite, Healing, Befuddle, Detect Enemies, Mobility, Shimmer

Divine Magic:
Common Magic: Heal Wound, Sanctify, Spellteaching, Worship Hearthmother,
Special Magic: Command Hearthmother Cult Spirit, Hide Fire, Hearthwarm, Keep Food.

Related Cults
Foundchild: Provides his lovers Priestesses with [Beast] Master
Votank: Provides his mothers Priestesses with Summon Votanki Ancestor
Brother Dog: Teaches Dogspeech to all members of the tribes of his Sister-in-Law.
Asrelia: teaches Hide Wealth to her kin.


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