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Balazar Bound!

The tale of a band of men and women, fleeing debtors, discrimination, local authorities and even war in their homelands, to seek fortune and favour in the distant Kingdom of Balazar. Trust is in sparse supply these days, betrayal & deceit constant companions as each struggles to find their fortune, to forge their future in this frontier land.

From the Banks of the Zola Fel in Sunny Prax, our protagonists set out for distant Balazar; a land where heroes fly the skies on giant hawks, where three Kings rule from fortresses build by Giants of old, where mighty griffins hunt the unwary from their impregnable mountain roost, where a man might live free from the choking yolk of civilised law and make a small fortune on wit & sinew alone, for the very streets are paved with gold.

[This is a campaign based on that most-excellent campaign, Griffin Mountain published by Chaosium in 1981, using a modified version of Avalon Hills RQ3 rules set, RQ:AiG]

A map of Balazar.
A list of Gods and Spirits of the land.
A history of events experienced by the heroes bound to the land of Balazar.

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