Mythic Balazar

The important local Gods, Spirits and Spiritual Enteties of Balazar include…

Local Cults

  • Foundchild – The Hunter
  • Hearthmother – Ancestress, protectress, keeper of secrets, Helpwoman.
  • Brother Dog – Grodrulf the dog spirit, blood brother to Foundchild
  • Votank – The child of Hearthmother and Foundchild, he fathered many children on the Nymphs of the land and thus created the Votanki people.
  • Rigtania – The Hunting Nymph, daughter to Foundchild.

Foreign Cults

Spritis of the Land

  • Mralota – Domestic Pig Spirit, a foreign spirit won by Balazar.
  • Blueface – Less a spirit than an immortal shaman sworn to protect the Votanki from their enemies. He is welcome at any hearth in Balazar or the Wilds.
  • Velha – Wild Nymphs, beautiful women who could become hawks to hunt the land, daughters of Rigtania.
  • Ashwoman – Griever, Burner, Protectress of women, the daughter of Hearthmother. Hides women and herself. Her spirit and those of the women she protects are beyond the reach of magic.
  • Goldenboy – A foreign spirit, lover of Ashwoman, lost in search of her. Associated with Balazar Lightson.

Mythic Balazar

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