The worship of Yelmalio, the light of the Sundome, came to Votankiland with the outsider Balazar Lightson. Balazar was able to quest to prove that Yelmalio had a place within Votankiland, and earned the right to call himself Votanki by marriage and feats of skill. After he was elected clan leader and then tribal chief, he united the tribes to become King of Votankiland, and thereafter the land was known as Balazar in his honour.

Balazar Lightson established the worship of Yelmalio for warriors of the tribes, and for his royal line, earning the right to call himself hero and receive worship in his own right. The cult of Yelmalio has assumed the role of protector of the tribes, and almost any dedicated warrior in the tribes offers worship to Yelmalio. The kings of the citadels each have a small cadre of warriors that are used to garrison the citadels and act as protectors of the tribes.

Within the land of Balazar, worship of Yelmalio is common among both the dedicated warriors of the citadels and those who wish to pursue a political life, leading a tribe or kingdom. As most adults of the region can claim at least some obscure precedent for kinship to ancient Balazar himself, almost all male political leaders worship the Balazar subcult of Yelmalio.

Recently, King Skilful of Dykene has increased the prestige of the Balazar subcult of Yelmalio in the eyes of outsiders by taming Giant hawks for his warriors to ride into battle. The secrets to this taming is a closely guarded secret of the Balazar Lightson cultists, and not shared with outsiders.

Cult Skills:

  • Spear, Shield, Javelin, Bow, Stealth, Scan, Doghandling

Cult Battle Magic:

  • Coordination, Light, Lightwall, Far-See, Detect Gold, Healing, Mobility

Cult Rune Magic:

  • Common Divine: All
  • Special Divine Magic: Dogseye, Sunbright, Cloud Clear, Enchant Gold, Enchant Iron, Shield

Related Cults:
Foundchild: provides the spell Sureshot to the protector of the people
Hearthmother: will teach battle magic Healing spells to her protector.
Vrimak: provides Speak to Birds magic to Yelmalio
Brother Dog: teaches Dogspeech to followers of Yelmalio, to ensure the cooperation of warriors and warhounds, and mobility so that the might run apace.

Balazar Lightson.

Balazar Lightson Requirements
Must be an adult of Balazaring Descent.
Must spend 1 season a year serving the king of the tribe.

Balazar Lightson benefits

Votank: Provides Summon Votanki Anscestor to Balazar Lightson, that wisdom my remain within the tribe.


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